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Ever lost a golf ball? Frustrating isn't it....

New device aims to cut out lost balls in your round

Posted Nov 04, 2010 by Equipment News

The Prazza® Golf Ball Finder set

What’s the one part of golf that frustrates you more than anything? That’s a question that gets asked a lot, and the majority of answers head towards one area. The lost golf ball.
Yep, there’s nothing more frustrating in the sport, than smashing the ball off the tee and seeing it disappear into the rough or the trees never to be seen again.
Well one golf company believes it has solved this riddle and that it will revolutionize the sport and cut out the wasted minutes spent walking up and down in the rough at your local club.
Prazza® has developed their Golf Ball Finder system and this will be distributed throughout the UK this month before a global roll-out next year.
I can already hear you asking the question, so what is it? Well, I was dubious when I first heard about it, but having looked at it and tried it, I can safely say that it’s a genius invention! And if it doesn’t take off I’ll be amazed. It really is the future of golf.
It’s not cheap but you have to look at the long term to see the massive benefits. Before I tell you the price, I want you to consider the following: if you were to buy 18 balls at £20 a pack, and you played twice a week, losing on average one ball a round, you would be forking out a massive (approximately) £115 a year on golf balls. Over time that adds up.
So consider this: you can spent £329 on the Prazza Golf Ball Finder set which features a Prazza® Tracker handset and two Prazza® golf balls; and a sleeve of three Prazza® golf balls, available separately for £39.95.
In three years and no lost golf balls later, you’ve made your money back.
So how does this ball work?
Well each ball contains a microchip that uses active RFID technology to enable the Prazza® Tracker Handset to locate the ball from up to 100 metres, even in the thickest rough.
John van Driel, CEO of Prazza Group, said: “Who hasn’t been frustrated by golf balls which seemingly vanish into thin air? With Prazza®, the golfer avoids the embarrassment which – up until now – we all experience several times per round. Plus it’s expensive to always be losing golf balls – industry research has shown that the average golfer loses between four and five balls each time they play 18 holes. With Prazza®, golfers will play faster and they will score better. We believe they will also enjoy golf more, and beginners will learn the game more quickly – and with less fear.”
And don’t worry the kit isn’t massive in size! The handset is roughly the same size as a smart phone and uses a beep or vibration to tell you when you are nearing your ball. There is also a visual aid to point you in the right direction.
This ball has been designed to cut the time it takes to play a round of golf and save you pennies in the long run and I believe it does both brilliantly. Well done Prazza®.

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