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A cracking ball that breeds confidence

The new Titleist DT SoLo golf ball - good for all abilities

Posted Oct 28, 2010 by Equipment News

Titlesit DT SoLo golf ball

It really is impossible to tell you what the best ball for you is, and I have noticed throughout these reviews, that every ball offers something good for every player, no matter what the standard.
But the one I have been most impressed with most purely because I think it will appear to the vast majority of golfers is the new Titleist DT SoLo golf ball.
This ball was exceptional. It possessed great feel with every club and within the scoring areas I found I had a great deal of control and I felt comfortable standing over it. It gave me confidence and around the green that’s where I lack it most.
But taking each are of the game into consideration, I liked it. It felt good off the tee with the driver and I got the kind of distance I crave. It also felt decent when lining up my three, four or five irons and I was able to use these instead of my fairway woods at times as I felt comfortable striking from around 200 yards down.
Closer into the scoring zone, from 65 yards I got exception feel and an extremely responsive ball that allowed me to attack the pins and really take on the golf course.
I also liked the feel of it when putting. It had a nice sound to it and I was confident that when I was striking it I would get a true roll.
My game as somewhat deteriorated over the years but with this I was able to get back up to the standards I wish to be. I’m saying it was just the ball, but it was the confidence knowing that the ball was going to do what I was telling it.
The ball is a two-bit ball with a soft compression solid core that is made of Polybutadiene. The outer shell is a soft and responsive Ionomer cover and the Titleist guys have gone for a 392 Icosahedral dimple design with staggered wave parting lines. It also has the Alignment Inegrated Marking Sidestamp that is extremely helpful on the putting green.
All in all I loved this ball and it is definitely one I would recommend to all levels of golfer.

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