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The Titlesit V1x - easy to see why the pros swear by it!

Posted Oct 28, 2010 by Equipment News

Titleist V1x golf ball

Is your game is at a great level, are you playing off four or less, and you need a ball that’s going to make you feel like a Tour superstar and give you the confidence you desire every time you step out onto the course?
Well look no further than the number ball used on worldwide Tours and that’s the Titleist Pro V1x – a proven ball for those looking for that little bit extra.
I couldn’t really get the best from this ball as I’m not at those standards anymore, but I could see the massive potential it possesses and I could definitely feel the difference between this ball and some of the others I’ve tested.
Off the tee it generates very little spin but you can generate increased velocity and this helps to give you longer, straighter drives. I did feel like I was hitting the ball so cleanly off the tee when I placed this ball down.
I connected with it consistently with the driver and it bred a lot of confidence every time I put it on the peg.
I found it to have great feel and unbelievable playability with the long irons but I found it difficult to get the best of when I was around the green despite the technology that has gone into it’s development.
Titleist has developed the Drop-And-Stop Greenside control within their balls but I couldn’t get to grips with this as I couldn’t get the short irons working. I did ask a fellow player to have a go with it and they were able to utilize this feature from around 65 yards, generating enough height and spin to get the ball stopping dead.
This four-bit ball has a soft centre and then a high energy dual core with an Ionomeric Casing layer before the high performance urethane Elastomer cover that is covered in 332 dimples with a staggered wave parting line. This ball has the Alignment Integrate Marking Sidestamp which is a massive aid on the greens.
All in all, an incredible ball and it’s easy to see why the vast majority of professionals use this ball.

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