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New Equipment: The 'ArmourBite'

New mouthpiece aims to prevent stress

Posted Jun 02, 2011 by Chris White

The new Under Armour ArmourBite

We all love a new gadget or exciting piece of technology that can improve our game, particularly those who spend more time searching for the ball in the trees than anything else, but the latest piece of golfing technology is one of the most unusual.

Under Armour have released a new golf-specific mouth guard, which aims to prevent players suffering muscle tightening and stress caused when they clench their teeth while playing shots. The mouthpiece is worn on the bottom set of teeth and is very similar to a rugby gum shield or set of braces from the dentist.

The manufacturers say that when you train and compete, including swinging a golf club, the natural reaction of your brain is to clench your jaw. When you clench your jaw and teeth, you compress the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which causes a release of excess amounts of performance-sapping hormones (like cortisol) that produce stress, fatigue and distraction.

The 'ArmourBite' prevents the jaw clenching, and subsequently prevents these hormones being released and allows golfers to focus on hitting the ball and the fairways.

Edward Giard, Vice President of Under Armour, Licensing and Accessories, said, "Through our partnership with Bite Tech, we have unlocked a previously un-tapped resource, the jaw, to help athletes train and compete to their full potential."

Bite Tech has conducted years of independent studies at some of the United States' top universities and research centres.

Players such as Ross Fisher and Hunter Mahan have been trialing the new mouthpiece, and expect to see it on a few more golf courses around the world in the coming weeks and months.

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