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Is Tiger Now Tame or Waiting To Pounce?

Can Woods get back to his best

Posted May 12, 2011 by Chris White

Will we be seeing this picture again this summer

Many sports men and women from around the world have had meteoric rises to stardom, only to come crashing back down to earth and never recover. Take a look at the likes of Anna Kournikova in tennis and Freddy Adu in football, both tipped to go right to the top at a young age, only to never really make it.

One of the people who went the other way was Tiger Woods. He burst onto the scene at the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996 aged just 20, and was world number one for 623 weeks before Phil Mickelson finally overtook him at the top of the world rankings, and looked like having a fantastic, unblemished career.

Then came the dramatic turn of events that saw stories break about Tiger and his various affairs, which saw Woods fall from grace. He took a self-imposed break from the game in 2010 before returning at the Masters and is yet to win a tournament since his comeback despite coming close.

Woods recently dropped to number six in the world rankings, which are headed by Lee Westwood, which poses the question: can he get back to where he was? 

The man is one of the best golfers of all time and that cannot be denied. 14 majors says it all. Whatever your opinion of him as a person, he is a golfing genius. Of course he can get back to where he was. If he is still as committed and dedicated to the game as he was before the break-up of his marriage – which he appears to be – then there is no reason he can’t.

One thing is for certain – the rest of the golfing world has raised their game in the time that Tiger’s was slipping. If he is to get back to world number one, or at least back to winning majors, Tiger needs to aim for a new level. He re-wrote the book on golf in those 600-odd weeks at world number one, in the same way Roger Federer did in tennis, and he was forced to up his game when Rafael Nadal came along. Woods now faces the same challenge.

And that is exactly how Woods should see it. A challenge. He’s won 14 majors in his career, and other than passing the records set by the likes of the great Jack Nicklaus, what was left for Woods to achieve? This should now be a goal – getting back to being the best golfer in the world. If this Tiger is anything like the old Tiger, I’m sure he’d certainly give it a go and we’ll be seeing that trademark arm swing very soon. Hopefully!

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