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Dont Compare Rory To Tiger

Comparisons are unfair between young superstars

Posted Jun 21, 2011 by Chris White

Rory destroyed the field at congressional at the weekend

With Rory McIlroy’s sensational victory at the US Open, the inevitable comparisons have started to be made between the Northern Irishman and Tiger Woods, but that is totally unfair on Rory. Everytime he hit the middle of the fairway, or sank a putt, a different superlative was used, and with each one, another comparison was made.

Rory is a completely different player to Woods. He doesn’t like the media attention and just wants to get on with his golf. You can tell that without even meeting him. Woods liked to play to the crowd with his traditional arm swings and “come on” gestures, where Rory picks up his tee and moves on to the next shot, only celebrating when the hole is finished or the trophy is in his hands.

When Woods won the 2000 US Open, he obliterated the opposition and won by 15 shots at Pebble Beach. In doing so, commentators were using “amazing”, “outstanding” and “unbelievable” after almost every shot Tiger made, and Rory’s performance at Congressional is the only time since that weekend 11 years ago that someone has completely taken apart the rest of the field.

But by comparing McIlroy to Woods, based on one performance is unfair on Rory. It is true, he destroyed the opposition and looked scary at times with some of his shots, but there is no need to compare the two. All that has become clear with McIlroy’s performance in Washington was that his undoubted potential is now being realised.

With Woods’ recent fall from grace, and his absence from the tournament through injury, it is unsurprising that the fans have taken to McIlroy. He is a great young lad and he has global appeal – even more so now – but the two players are completely different. Tiger is in “the zone” from first tee to eighteenth green. McIlroy smiles and laughs his way around the course, getting the job done in the process. This, if anything, makes him more of a favourite to the fans if anything. Comparisons are great, but often unfounded and unnecessary.  It should be Rory is the new star, not Rory is the new Tiger Woods.

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