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The GolfLogix GPS system that you can also use on your phone.

Posted May 27, 2010 by Chris Stewart


Much as we all like gadgets featuring buttons that nobody knows what they're for, when it comes to standing on a fairway trying to work out how far you are away from the green you could do without the hassle.

The GolfLogix GPS-8 powered by Garmin does just that. Just ask Gary McCord, a man who likes to dedicate more time fiddling with his facial hair than he does worrying about yardages: "With GolfLogix you don't have to push any buttons, toggle a joystick, or aim at the flags. Just turn it on and never touch it again."

Each unit holds up to 20 courses and you can choose from 23,000 available. GolfLogix calculates the distance of last shot to track all of your club lengths and is the only Golf GPS you could submerge in a goldfish bowl, if that was your kind of thing.

Imagine Golf Club members who own a Smartphone owners also have the added opportunity of downloading a FREE trial of the GolfLogix application. This latest development in GPS software gives you all the opportunity of using the best system in the market on your own handheld device.

All you have to do is visit the GolfLogix sign-up page and key the exclusive code: 7-day free trial. Visit to sign up.

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