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Find out how to improve your golf with our database of tips and drills for golfers. Whether you are a beginner looking to perfect your golf swing, add yards to your drive, or master your putting skills, or an expert that is looking to get that extra edge in your game - we have something for you.

Set your goals based on your current skill levels, and when you join Imagine Golf, you can discuss these tips with other golfers. Alternatively, you can search online for a professional near you and arrange one on one lessons, available for golfers of all levels.

Golfing tips are available in the following categories:
Putting, Setup, Chipping, Pitching, Short Game, Driving, Miscellaneous, Golf Swing, Sand Shots, Exercises.

Practice drills for various parts of your game are available in categories such as Golf Swing, Slicing, Hooking, Pulling, Pushing, Bunker, Chipping, Putting, Warm Up, Help your Balance, Eyes Closed Putting, Putting Strokes, Hip Turn in Golf Swing, Fighting Slices, Clubhead Lag, Balance and Rhythm, Distance Control, Resistance Tubing, Point of Entry, Swish Drill, Shoulder Drill, Add 15 yards to your drive, Pitching Drills, Bunkers, Drills for Irons, Clubhead Speed, Dave Love Drill, Chipping Ladder Drill.

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